Study on Friction Properties of Glass Fiber Yarn and Its Influencing Factors

Glass fiber fabrics as a composite structure of the reinforced structure is increasingly widely used.because of the flexibility structural design , perfect direction strength, impact resistance, easy to shape the complex shape of the components and other advantages, made the Knitted fabric has being paid more and more attention,However, in order to make the glass […]

Influence of Different Treatment Methods of Glass Fiber Surface Coupling Agent on the Properties of Resin Matrix Composites

The Microscopic Appearance of Glass Cloth Scanning electron microscopy was used to observe the microstructure of glass cloth produced by A and B manufacturers, as shown in Fig 1. It can be seen from the figure, A, B two manufacturers of glass fibers were not found defects or damage, no significant difference in micro-morphology. Two […]

Effect of Surface Treatment of Glass Fiber by Coupling Agent on Properties of Resin Matrix Composites

The glass fiber reinforced resin matrix composites have the advantages of higher specific strength and specific modulus, fatigue resistance, ablation resistance, corrosion resistance, designability and low cost and so on , which be Widely used in the aerospace field. The properties of the composites are not only related to the properties and contents of the […]