Selection and Adjustment of Air Jetting Weft

The weft process mainly refers to the reasonable selection of the weft parameters, the weft insertion parameters and other parameters of the loom with the best, in order to achieve high yield, high quality, low consumption purposes. This paper analyzes the selection of weft insertion parameters of PAT air-jet looms (collective air supply, solenoid valve […]

Force Analysis of Weft Yarn in Weaving 7628 fiberglass Cloth During Nozzle Blowing

Electronic glass fiber cloth is the composition of aluminum borosilicate, commonly known as E-glass, the international referred to as E-glass, that is insulating glass.Alkali-free glass refers to aluminum borosilicate glass in which the alkali metal oxide content is less than 1%. This glass was originally developed for electrical applications, but the application has far exceeded […]

Selection of Low Dielectric Constant Fiberglass Material for Blended Fabrics

As 7628,2116,1080 and other electronic fabrics are used to make copper-clad reinforced textile electronic materials, warp and weft yarns are silicate glass with the material in the high-temperature conditions through the physical and chemical reaction of the silicate, Through the drain pull drawing made of glass silicate with different composition of the textile glass fiber […]