The Control Of Textile’s Temperature And Humidity

Electronic shall be a qualified electronic yarn after the beginning of the twisting process of manufacture. Then, it experiences the classification of the weaving process, being shafted with sizing, jet weaving, heat cleaning and surface chemical treatment process, finally becoming a qualified electronic cloth. The process for what has been listed, has strict limits of […]

The Flow Control Of Tank Furnace

Production practice has proved, if we strictly control the air in the forming area of wire drawing, it is beneficial to the stabilization of tank furnace’s operation, especially to make the G – 75, E – 225 and D – 450 electronic strands. Because the instability of airflow in the forming area will give rise […]

The layout of tank furnace

The production of crucible is short line, and its shop is open. However, the production of tank furnace is long line, the shop is closed. Tank furnace’s workshop is generally divided into three layers, namely the upper, the middle and the lower. The upper connects with tank furnace and forms pathway. According to the spacing […]