Where to Get Black Fiberglass Cloth

Black glass fiber cloth also been called black glass cloth, black fiber cloth and black glass silk cloth, The basic material is medium alkali glass fiber cloth or alkali free fiberglass cloth. It is manufactured by drying a high temperature dyeing and adding a kind of emulsion glue. Normally its weight 120 grams to 300 grams. It is widely used in glass wool board, rock wool board, pipe, package or paste.

Features and applications

1. High temperature resistance (-50℃~200℃), strong tear resistance, solvent resistance and other features, which is used for H-grade heat-resistant insulation binding, flexible circuit board and ceramic components Fixed high-strength insulation protection.

2. Highest heat resistance and tenacity in textile products. Fiberglass cloth can effectively absorb electrical insulating paint and resin. The binding capacity of the glass cloth is extremely high.

3. Fiberglass cloth can be used for coil packaging and fixing, used as wire core, outer layer and insulation between wires.

4. Anti-explosion and anti-leakage, widely used for insulating bandage of high-energy lithium batteries of new energy vehicles.

Hydrophobic black glass fiber cloth, normally weight is 80g, 120g, 140g, 150g, 160g and 200g, it is waterproof, fireproof and aging resistance.When water drops on their surface, water droplets will form, cloth surface will not absorb water and penetrate.

Where to get black fiber glass cloth?

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