Application of 7628 Fiber Glass Cloth in Printed Circuit Board

7628 fiberglass cloth is widely used in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) due to its excellent electrical insulation properties, high strength and dimensional stability. PCBs are critical components in electronic devices that are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and medical equipment. The primary function of […]

Why the glass fiber in 3d printing nylon material accounts for 40%?

First, is that the only kind of 3D printing nylon materials that glass fiber’s ratio is 40%? Of course not, in 3D printing nylon materials, the ratios of glass fiber usually are 30%, 15% and 40%. Then according to the previous data and experience of E-key printing to judge, it is the highest probability that […]

The US Company Strongwell Have Launched New Glass Fiber Pole

Recently, the US Company Strongwell has designed and manufactured new fiberglass poles to replace wooden, steel or concrete poles. This pole that is composed of pultrusion components provides low electrical conductivity and high strength. Moreover, it is about 30 percent lighter than the wooden and 60 percent lighter than the steel. Its core material is […]