What Are the Available Sizes of Glass Fiber Cloth?

Glass fiber cloth has good insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. It is an excellent environmentally friendly material, and more and more industries are using glass fiber cloth extensively.

According to the use of glass fiber cloth, it is divided into two categories: industrial use and electronic industry use. For each purpose, there are different specifications and types as well as various parameters, such as the width of the glass fiber cloth, the length of a single roll, the weight, the thickness, the tensile strength and so on.

Today we summarize the common glass fiber cloth sizes, as follows:

Style Weave Thread Count Warp Thread Count Fill Warp Yarn Fill Yarn Thickness Weight
101 Plain 29.5 [Per cm] 29.5 [Per cm] D1800 1/0 D1800 1/0 0.024 mm 16.3 g/m2
1080 Plain 23.6 [Per cm] 18.5 [Per cm] D450 1/0 D450 1/0 0.053 mm 46.8 g/m2
2116 Plain 23.6 [Per cm] 22.8 [Per cm] E225 1/0 E225 1/0 0.094 mm 103.8 g/m2
3732 4HS 18.4 [Per cm] 13.2 [Per cm] G37 1/0 G37 1/0 0.312 mm 425 g/m2
3784 8HS 18.4 [Per cm] 14.0 [Per cm] G37 1/2 Y1 G37 1/2 Y1 0.67 mm 875 g/m2
7628 Plain 17.3 [Per cm] 12.2 [Per cm] G75 1/0 G75 1/0 0.173 mm 203.4 g/m2
7628HT Twill 17.3 [Per cm] 15.0 [Per cm] G75 1/0 G75 1/0 0.166 mm 220 g/m2

Since there are too many varieties of glass fiber cloth, some are not listed. If you are interested in glass fiber cloth, please contact us.