Study on the Internal Tension of 7628 fiberglass cloth

7628 fiber7628 fiberglass cloth after weaving the drying process should be carried out at the same time winding packaging, as with the textile process, the process from the empty package to the full package of the packaging process, the 7628 fiber7628 fiberglass cloth must be the tension value of the control.However, the actual tension state […]

Preparation of 7628 fiberglass cloth reinforced flame retardant modified epoxy prepreg composite material

Epoxy resin is a thermosetting polymer resin with excellent comprehensive properties, which currently has been in the coatings, insulating materials and aerospace, aviation and other fields widely used. Among them, 7628 fiberglass cloth as a reinforcing material, using resin pre-impregnation process, Fiberglass / epoxy composite parts made by prepreg molding and high-temperature autoclave molding have […]

The Brazilian composites market is about to return After the storm

The Brazilian composites market has gone through a much worse year,The sales of 2016 is decline than the sales of 2015 year. Infrastructure and wind energy should be the first to restart. However, the country’s economy should rebound in year 2017, so we can expect local businesses to rebound. The Brazilian World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games are not enough to hide  Brazil’s economic depression and political unrest,Or 13.67% less than in 2015. Sales should also be reduced to 13.6 million tons, down 16.05%. Latin American Composites Association (Almaco) and the chemical industry market consultant ,Brazilian composites market in 2016 estimated sales will decline to 7.2 billion US dollars.Or 13.67%, less than in 2015. Sales should also be reduced to 13.6 million tons, down 16.05%. The bus and truck sector has […]