Fabrication Process and Electrical Property Analysis of 7628 fiberglass cloth

Weaving fabric 7628, in accordance with the process design requirements are warp with 68tex, weft is also 68tex glass fiber twist yarn, the total reed width is 102cm; the Within deduction is 101 cm; Reed No.is 87 #, 2 penetration; The number of warp roots is 1758; Edge reed number is 100 #, 0.5cm × […]

Study on Low Dielectric Properties of 7628 fiberglass Blended Fabric

Based on requirements of today’s digital electronic product and electrical performance, Study on the Dielectric Properties of Blended Electronic Fabric with Low Permittivity Glass Fiber Material Carrying out Two-in-one Matching Relationship, The purpose is to be able to reduce the dielectric constant of PCB board effectively and Improve the spread of PCB board electrical signal […]