7628 Fiberglass cloth is a general name for the electronic grade glass fiber cloth which was made by E glass fiber or C glass fiber, it is widely used in the electronics industry. It is the high-end products in the fiber glass cloth. 7628 Fiber glass cloth offers an excellent combination of properties from high strength to fire resistance. Wide ranges of yarn styles and weave styles provide varieties design potential, allowing the buyers to choose the best combination of material performance, economics and product flexibility .

Advantages :
* Electrical Properties
* Excellent durability, consistent with the life cycle of electronic products
* Excellent electrical performance, cost-effective can not be replaced

7628 fabric for CCL, For PCB
7628 Fiberglass fabric offer outstanding performance to the electrical industry,High strength, dimensional stability, temperature resistance and excellent electrical properties provide the basis for use  as the prime reinforcement in high pressure laminates for printed circuit boards.
7628 fabric for PCB

7628 fabric for CCL

7628 fiber glass cloth used for Insulation Plate
7628 cloth used for coating of various kinds of resin, form a fixed shape, with effect of supporting and insulation which is widely used in locomotive and distribution facilities; FR – 4,Travel star wheel, Test frame, Insulation block, Skeleton
7628 fabric for epoxy fiberglass board

7628 fabric For planetary wheel

7628 fabric For insulation module

7628 fabric For epoxy plate skeleton

7628 fiber glass cloth used for fire blanket
7628 Fiber glass fabric is an inorganic material and will not burn or support combustion, it retains approximately 25 percent of its initial strength at 1000F. With the high flame resistant, temperature tolerance performance ,glass fiber cloth as the most economic material of fire, fire blankets, welding protection carpet, etc
7628 fabric for fire proof blanket

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