The layout of tank furnace

The production of crucible is short line, and its shop is open. However, the production of tank furnace is long line, the shop is closed.

Tank furnace’s workshop is generally divided into three layers, namely the upper, the middle and the lower. The upper connects with tank furnace and forms pathway. According to the spacing of technological requirements, the place equipped with all kinds of drawing boards, also equipped with forced cooler, sprayer, monofilament coated oil, and buncher, was called the drawing forming layer. The middle stands on corresponding to the drawing board leakage, equipped with the drawing machine with frequency control of motor speed and automatically changing tubes. It is a sprayer, contrary to wiring device on the machine, which is called wire winding layer. There is also a basement of discarded wiredrawing scraps – a waste with hands.

Forming and winding layer directly connected with the central air conditioning. Temperature and humidity provided by the central air conditioning system conform to the requirements of the drawing technology and maintain a certain wind speed.

There is an air flow controller on side of each drawing leakage board. When the board suspended to work due to broken wires or the wires drawing, machinist applied the guide of gear that controls airflow into the drawing board to speed up the leading wire. After finishing the leading wire and then along with the drawing operation, we shall immediately adjust the guide plate to make air of the forming zone straight down so that it forms a protective screen among the area.

The up, middle and down three layers respectively have sliding door. In the process of production, the sliding door is normally under the circumstance of closing, which is closed to workshop outside. But among three layers, leaves a proper position between leakage plate and wire drawing machine to link with holes, and the underground linking with it, is equipped with a suction fan of certain power. So, it forms a top-down stable airflow benefiting wire drawing operation on the whole drawing line.