Study on Low Dielectric Properties of 7628 fiberglass Blended Fabric

Based on requirements of today’s digital electronic product and electrical performance, Study on the Dielectric Properties of Blended Electronic Fabric with Low Permittivity Glass Fiber Material Carrying out Two-in-one Matching Relationship, The purpose is to be able to reduce the dielectric constant of PCB board effectively and Improve the spread of PCB board electrical signal speed.
7628 fiberglass cloth is the base materials of production copper clad laminate (referred to as CCL) and prepreg in the indispensable textile reinforcement. Copper clad laminates are made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin, electrolytic copper foil for supporting and connecting electronic components of special electronic products, which Widely used in military, aerospace and household appliances, and other fields. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, especially in the computer as the representative of the development of microprocessors and memory. LSI input and output signal frequency of change, has been generally increased to 100MHz or more. This high-speed transmission of the LSI’s input and output signals require higher technical of the electrical properties of 7628 glass fiber cloth and polymer resin material used in the copper clad laminates. The computer as guide and mode is rapidly penetrate into a variety of digital consumer electronics products. Like800MHz to 1GHz in the field of high-frequency mobile phones, car phones and other mobile communications products, and high-frequency, microwave field operation of large computers, program-controlled switches, microwave band antenna, satellite communications equipment have made more stringent high-frequency and high-speed technical requirements for the performance of CCL based materials. One of the important issues is the requirement of electronic signals in the PCB printed circuit board to speed up the transmission of signals and maintain the signal stability, does not produce malfunction, which is difficult for common CCL products . For high-speed stability as the representative of the control requirements, national scholars have on the industry with 7628 and other electronic fabrics to study the electrical properties so that the “bottleneck” technology can be broken through as soon as possible.

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