The US Company Strongwell Have Launched New Glass Fiber Pole

Recently, the US Company Strongwell has designed and manufactured new fiberglass poles to replace wooden, steel or concrete poles. This pole that is composed of pultrusion components provides low electrical conductivity and high strength. Moreover, it is about 30 percent lighter than the wooden and 60 percent lighter than the steel. Its core material is […]

The differences between carbon fiber and glass fiber.

In the late 1950s, the scientific discovery of the ultra-high-strength characteristics of “graphite whiskers” by American scientists started the development of high performance carbon fiber technology. In the following 20 years, research institutes and companies in the US, Japan, and the UK have continued to advance technology research and development in the field. What is […]

Discussion on the Production Technology of Glass Fiber Cloth and Application

At the year 1930,the glass fiber company of United States “Owens Corning”produced E glass fiber.Since then, the human achieved the industrial production that take the ore raw materials melting into glass fiber by high temperature.In 1946, China also produced a bundle of glass fiber by using clay pot crucible, then the news reports said.Today, fiberglass […]